How our Homelessness Prevention Program Works

If you’re in need of rental assistance, please fill out our Homelessness Prevention Emergency Rental Assistance Screening Application. If you know someone in need of rental assistance, please share the application with them. Our prevention program staff will be in touch as soon as possible.


First-time homelessness increased by 12% last year

First-time homelessness increased by 12% last year across LA County, which means that current families who successfully beat homelessness are being replaced by new homeless families entering the system.

An LA renter earning minimum wage ($15/hr) would need to work 70 hours per week to afford rent on a 1- bedroom apartment. 1/3 of LA households spend more than 50% of their household income on rent.


Door of Hope’s new prevention program helps these families before they become homeless – addressing their immediate financial crisis, preventing eviction, and planning for the future through case management and budgeting skills in order to maintain their current housing.

Churches would provide the one-time financial assistance ($1-$2,000/family) and could refer clients to the program.  100% of the church’s donation would be an immediate pass-through to the landlord; Door of Hope would cover all staffing and program costs.


With the help of our prevention partners, we were able to help them weather the storm before eviction.

One family we recently served was Cheryl and her 9-year-old daughter. Last year, Cheryl was on the brink of homelessness with nowhere to turn. Her rent was raised, she could not find permanent work, and her landlord delivered an eviction notice; not knowing where to turn, her church called Door of Hope. A case manager worked with her on a budget, helped locate more affordable housing, and acquired one-time financial assistance to pay her first month’s rent and security deposit. Now, she is working full-time and paying rent independently, saved from the trauma and disruption of homelessness.