Bringing Hope, Healing and Home

For those who are already homeless, families participate in our Transitional Housing Program. This unique approach shelters families – single mothers or fathers, two-parent families, and domestic violence survivors – with their children.

Housing 36 families at a time across four shelters, Door of Hope’s transitional housing programs help families overcome the practical, emotional, and financial challenges they face and transition into permanent housing. Our comprehensive services are designed for the whole person and the whole family to permanently break the cycle of homelessness for this generation and the next.

Our newest of four shelters, Casa de Alegria, is unique in that it nurtures families whose moms are enrolled in vocational training programs, allowing them to remain in a stable setting while they finish their coursework and save money toward securing a home of their own.

“When the case manager told me I’d be able to stay there and keep going to school and work part-time, I was so thrilled. It was such a blessing.” Wendy, resident, 2022

Our Holistic Approach Creates Sustainable Change

Emotional Health
Each couple receives marriage counseling and all adults receive weekly individual counseling. Through our onsite mental health counselors and life skill classes, families explore core issues that may have led to homelessness, learn to communicate better, find emotional healing and gain self-worth.

Childhood Development
Many children in our program have experienced emotional distress and trauma that is associated with experiencing homelessness. We provide an innovative onsite Children’s program that offers educational assistance, enrichment curriculum, structure, and a sense of belonging.

Job Development
We require all families to obtain full-time employment that will provide for their family. We collaborate with community partners to provide each parent with job training, resume building, interview preparation, and coaching they need to find a quality job.

Financial Literacy
Achieving and maintaining financial stability is crucial to the ultimate goal of sustainable housing. Families receive financial literacy training and budgeting skills while at Door of Hope and are required to save money to pay debts, a rental deposit, and establish an emergency fund.


Housing Navigation
Permanent housing is the end goal of our program and our housing navigator works alongside each family to find housing opportunities that are in line with the family’s needs and budget. We also advocate on our family’s behalf with landlords and property managers and emphasize the family’s improved budgeting and money management skills.


Spiritual Care
As a Christian organization, we pray that every family comes to know the eternal hope of a God who loves them and pursues them, and wants to be in relationship with them. The goal of our entire staff is to show up and love them unconditionally, to offer prayer and invite them to bible study, so that even as they leave the  Door of Hope, the God of Hope goes with them.


Meet Erika

“Door of Hope does not provide handouts, they provide a hand up.”
Erika, 2019 Transitional Housing graduate