Stronger Together

Welcome! Our vision is for healing and hope to abound in our community. Each one of us has unique skills and giftings, and our efforts are strengthened through your partnership. We invite you to make a difference with us in supporting families facing homelessness to transform their lives. We’re much stronger together than we could ever do alone- just check out our Volunteer Appreciation page by clicking the button below.

Getting Started

Take a look through our volunteer opportunities below. At the end of each description will be instructions on how to apply. If you’re not yet sure about how you would like to help but have a heart for serving, a great place to start is to fill out our General Application, and our Volunteer Coordinator will reach out. If you’d like to connect sooner, don’t hesitate to email


Connect relationally with families through these volunteer opportunities

Serve as a Meal Donor

Enjoy Cooking? Nothing says family more than enjoying dinner around the table. We invite you to join our table by preparing a meal for five to eight families at our Pasadena homes during the weekdays. Whether you’re a meal donor on a consistent basis or just once, it is deeply appreciated. Assembly a group, cook a meal, and gather at the table to connect and enjoy the meal with families. To apply, please complete the General Application.

Engage in Childcare

Volunteers helping with childcare are able to build relationships with the kids in our homes while simultaneously serving our working and student parents. Opportunities are typically in the evening, Monday – Thursday. To be a childcare provider, you must be at least 16 yrs of age, complete a Live Scan background check, as well as provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19. To apply, please fill out the General Application and Supplemental Application.

Chaperone a Field Trip

From June to August, our Summer Kids Program includes field trips to a variety of locations such as cooling off at the pool, enjoying movies at the theatre, and being dazzled by the sea creatures at the aquarium. Scheduling begins eight weeks in advance. To be a chaperone, you must be at least 18 years of age, complete a Live Scan background check, provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19, and complete the General Application and Supplemental Application.


Make a sustainable impact through these life-changing opportunities

Teach a Life Skills Class

Life skill classes empower our families to cultivate skills and establish patterns that sustain them in their journey toward healing and home. Classes offered in our program include parenting, financial literacy, nutrition, computer skills, and etiquette. Use your knowledge and experience to teach, train, and empower. We’ll provide the curriculum. This is typically a one-hour per week, six-week commitment. To apply, please complete the General Application and Supplemental Application.

Practice Your Profession

We are seeking those who are willing to donate their professional services to our families. Whether you’re a practitioner in immigration services, family law, dentistry, optometry, cosmetology, an administrative, or would like to contribute a professional service we haven’t yet mentioned, we invite you to join our ever-widening network of generous professionals. To apply, please complete the General Application and Supplemental Applications.

Translate for Families

For some of our residents, English is not their first language. If you are fluent in Spanish, Armenian, or Mandarin, your translation services would greatly benefit the efficiency and care we can provide within our program. To apply, please complete the General Application and Supplemental applications.


Support the mission
by word, prayer or need

Spread the Word

Invite your friends, family, or colleagues to attend a public or private, in-person or virtual Stories of Hope tour where we share about the homelessness crisis, our response to it, and learn how you can join us in making a difference. You’ll also engage with our Executive Director, ask questions, and hear from a family who has experienced our program. To indicate your interest, please email

Partner in Prayer

In our desire to be fully led by God, we value prayer as a fundamental part of seeing our mission become a reality. We invite you to join our Prayer Team. You will receive a weekly text to pray for a family’s specific need, and a monthly invitation to join our staff for a thirty-minute prayer meeting, virtually or in person. To indicate your interest, please email

Fulfill Supply Needs

From cleaning supplies to towels to bedsheets, check out our Amazon Wish List to see current items needed by our families and at our homes. To ensure we may acknowledge your support, be sure to email with a receipt of your purchase. No application is required.


We invite you to help us create
a joyful experience
during special occasions.

Become a Birthday Angel

We LOVE to celebrate our kids who live with us at Door of Hope, and what better way than on their birthday! Birthday Angels purchase a gift on a child’s wishlist, wrap it up in bows and love, and deliver it to our Community Center along with a hand-written card. It could even be a tradition you do on your own birthday! To be connected with a child’s wish, please email Application is not required.

Host a Booth

Let’s have some fun! During our Summer Carnival in July, and our Christmas Festival in December, we need volunteers to host booths for games, treats, crafts, or any delightful engagement that brings smiles and joy to you and our families. From face painting to water balloon tossing to a hot chocolate booth and even a water dunk booth, we’re open to all imagination for a fun-filled experience. To apply, please complete the General Application.

Support our Graduates

We want to celebrate and bless our families who have made the transition from our shelter to their new home. In the spirit of acknowledging their efforts, we have set up a special Amazon Housewarming Wish List to bring together items needed to help furnish their space. When you make a purchase, you’re invited to share in the graduation ceremony and celebration. To apply, SUBSCRIBE to our email below, where upcoming graduations are announced. No application is required.

Create an Opportunity

Celebrate the season! Join us in the holiday tradition, be it organizing an Easter egg hunt, donating ingredients for a Thanksgiving meal, bringing candy for Halloween or honoring our moms on Mother’s Day with flowers and chocolate. Perhaps you’d even like to share a tradition you do with your own family. Your efforts go a long way in spreading joy during any season. To apply, please complete the General Application.

Fa la la Along

During the Christmas season, we have opportunities to enrich the holiday experience for parents and kids. You can Be a Secret Santa by sponsoring a family and purchasing their desired gifts. You can Donate to our Toy Drive by helping to fill our “Toy Store” for the Christmas Festival for residents and Alumni families. You can Donate a $50 Target Gift Card that helps a family purchase items they really need. SUBSCRIBE to our emails and be the first to hear and sign up for these opportunities…they go fast! No application is required.


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