Meal Donor

Fuel our families…
Meal donors come with a meal prepared to serve and share with our families. This can be done by yourself, with  small group, or with your family. It’s a great way to get your kids involved and interact with our families on a personal level by gathering around the dinner table.

Children’s Volunteer

Serve with our children by…
Babysitting weeknights: this is provided during nightly programming for life-skills classes for all of our adults, or if our parents work late.
After school program: tutoring, enrichment classes, prep help, creative skills

Housewarming Baskets

Support our graduating families…
Provide a housewarming basket to give to our families upon graduation. Filled with the following items: Laundry Basket (used as “gift basket”), dish sets for 8, glasses for 8, silverware, several pots and pans, spatula, cooking and serving spoons (2 sets), dish soap, garbage bags, glass cleaner, all purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner, unscented laundry detergent, pinesol, sponges – large and small, cleaning rags, dust pan with hand-sized broom, new twin sheets (2 sets)

Room Makeover

Help improve our residences…
Redo one of the areas of our houses by funding a project that can be done by a church group, scout troop, corporate group, or even a family (all supplies and materials must be included by your group)

Life-skills Classes

Help us teach…
Graphic design, computer programs, financial literacy/credit repair, nutrition and cooking


Can you help provide…
Building owners, landlords, car mechanics, employers, career counseling, dental and medical help, haircuts, financial literacy, credit repair, immigration law, interpreters (Spanish, Russian, Armenian)?