Ways that you can deliver hope, joy and love this Christmas to families experiencing homelessness.

Secret Santa

Looking for Secret Santa’s!

We’re spreading the word to help Santa out. He’s looking for helpers to deliver gifts and joy this Christmas to the families living at Door of Hope.

What is a Secret Santa? It’s a great opportunity for you, your club, business or family to play Santa this Christmas for a family that wouldn’t otherwise have gifts. You select the family you want to buy gifts for and commit to purchasing 3 gifts for each member of that family. You deliver your gifts to Door of Hope unwrapped and Santa will make sure they receive them on Christmas morning! 

Deck the Halls

Show off your decorating expertise!

Celebrate the fun of the season with a Christmas decorating party hosted by you and your friends. We’ll provide the venue! This is one of our favorite gifts to the families living here. Their temporary home decorated for Christmas. YOU can make it possible. Schedule a time to bring your friends, business, group, decorations and  decorate one of the Door of Hope houses.

Toy for a Tour

Join us for a free 1-hour event

As we get ready to celebrate Christmas we would love to show you, how together, we impact families that are transitioning from homelessness to permanent housing. As our guest, you will hear how you help transform lives, see how you help children heal, and learn how thankful we are for YOU! We don’t ask for anything other than an hour of your time…and would love for you to bring along a donated toy.

Date: Wednesday, December 18th
Time: 5:00PM-6:00PM
Address: 669 Los Robles Avenue, Pasadena

FREE street parking is available.


Freshly Baked Cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies?

Are you a baker? A cookie connoisseur? Or, someone who just likes to bake? Your baking will help to make Christmas special for families living at Door of Hope. Drop off a batch (or two!) of your favorite Christmas cookies. We have so many opportunities for you to share your baking talents.

Santa’s Helper

Santa needs YOU!

It’s such a busy time of year for Mr. and Mrs. Claus — sorting presents, wrapping gifts and getting ready to make their Christmas morning deliveries. They could really use some extra help! Put on your favorite Santa hat and head to Door of Hope to help sort and organize gift donations.

Give Hope

Deliver the Gift of Hope for a Family’s Future!

Your donation gives an entire family the resources they need to succeed and thrive during the time they are living at Door of Hope. From shelter and food, to therapy and after school programming, you will be helping a family move from homelessness to permanent housing. What a gift!

Got questions? Need more information? Get in touch with us at VOLUNTEER@DOOROFHOPE.US