Consider Leasing to a Door of Hope Graduate

Leasing to our families changes their lives, and it is very low risk, considering our track record of success:

    • 97% of program graduates are permanently housed 1 year after completion
    • 83% are permanently housed 5 years or more later

Our Clients: Single Moms, Single Dads, Two-parent families

Door of Hope provides transitional housing and support services to single moms, single dads, and two parents families who have lost their housing. This housing loss is caused by a number of things, including: financial difficulty, job loss, health problems, change in family makeup (through divorce, death in the family, etc.), and simple bad luck.

Our Clients are great Tenants: Work FT, Savings, Good Credit

Families use their time in Door of Hope’s Transitional Housing program to rebuild their lives and finances.

    • Work: all parents find full time work while living with us and 86% increase their income.
    • Save: a minimum of 3 months rent is saved; some of our residents save up to $10,000 while in our program.
    • Repair credit: residents add up to 100 points to their credit score with our financial counseling.

Resources for Renters & Landlords

When families graduate from our program to self-sufficiently renting, Door of Hope staff continues to provide case management to ensure graduates are the best tenants possible. We work on financial housing and neighbors. If you ever have concerns about a tenant who came to Door of Hope, you can contact Griffin Hatlestad, Housing Manager (626) 808-5168 or or Tatyana Dace, Supportive Services Case Manager (626) 755-1424 or Feel free to contact them in advance of housing a client as well.

Financial Assistance & Voucher Programs

Some of our families partner with agencies like Union Station, LA Family Housing, or PATH to pay for their move-in costs, and their lease-up process might include some extra steps. Our staff is available to answer your questions and help you through this process. The most common assistance programs we work with are:

Rapid Re-Housing Vouchers: the program will provide 100% of the family’s move-in costs, including the security deposit and first month’s rent, and about three months of rental assistance, starting at 100% of the cost and gradually reducing. The family is responsible for paying rent as the assistance phases out, and our clients do so responsibly! This program will require a short inspection of the apartment.

Section 8 (AKA Housing Choice Vouchers): a family will pay 30% of their income in rent. The Section 8 voucher will pay the landlord directly for the remaining cost of rent. These vouchers come with the Homeless Incentive Program (HIP), which provides bonuses to incentivize leasing to formerly homeless families. These incentives include: (1) up to one month’s rent as a holding deposit to compensate landlords for waiting on Section 8’s inspection and approval process; (2) move-in assistance covering security deposits and first month’s rent; (3) risk mitigation will cover up to one month’s rent if the unit is vacated without proper notice; funding for any damages to the property caused by the Section 8 tenant, and some housing authorities may also provide a cash incentive.

Landlords are a crucial part of our families well-being, and we thank you for helping us end homelessness one family at a time!

Contact Megan Katerjian, Executive Director at or 626-304-9130 x118