Our Mission

Empowering families facing
homelessness to transform their lives.

Our Vision

For every family to have a home in which to thrive physically, economically, emotionally, and spiritually.


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Our Program

Door of Hope empowers families facing homelessness to transform their lives through holistic programs designed to help parents and children overcome the practical, emotional and financial challenges they face. Our Transitional Housing Program moves families from homelessness to permanent housing, while our Homelessness Prevention Program intervenes early to keep families in their own homes.

Our Families

Door of Hope is one of the only homeless providers that can shelter any kind of family together in their own private unit, including single moms, single dads, two-parent families, and domestic violence survivors, together with their children.
Keeping families together is the foundation upon which Door of Hope was founded.

Katie at Door of Hope

Two-Parent Families

Single Mothers & Domestic Violence Survivors

Single Fathers

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