Meet our New Executive Director, Megan Katerjian

Please watch this short video and learn why Megan's passions and gifts, make her the perfect candidate to lead Door of Hope into the future

A letter from Megan

Dear Friend,

At a recent gathering, a Door of Hope resident shared about his experience meeting Door of Hope’s board members and donors. “I didn’t realize how many people cared about us.  It felt like family.”  I could not think of any better word to describe this amazing organization.  From the residents and alumni, to the staff, to volunteers, donors and board members, all of us are invited to join a very special family united by a common mission: to equip families experiencing homelessness to rebuild their lives.

That mission is exactly why I am so excited to join this amazing team.  Over the last 6 years, I have seen so many lives transformed through Door of Hope: a father regaining custody of this two sons, a mother reunited with her daughter, and parents brimming with pride over the news that their daughters made honor role.  For every one story of life change I’ve witnessed personally, I have heard dozens more from the dedicated staff who work with these families every day.  

God promises his people “a future with hope” (Jer 29:11), and as we come alongside the hard-working families at Door of Hope, we get the privilege of watching God’s promise unfold.  From one Door of Hope family member to another, I am excited to be on this journey with you!


Rev. Megan Katerjian