This is more than a “makeover” project. Door of Hope’s four transitional shelters are currently undergoing an “Extreme Shelter Makeover” to transform our sites into healing and restorative environments that improve the outcomes of the families living at Door of Hope. To date, our shelters have been furnished with used and mismatched items, worn down from constant use. This is an opportunity to not only refurbish the shelters but to incorporate “trauma-informed design.”

ESM | Villa Shelter Makeover Reveal

On Thursday, September 15 we unveiled the freshly renovated Villa Shelter! Guided tours of the newly improved rooms (pictured below) were given to small groups of partners and volunteers who had made it possible. Over dinner on the lawn Megan Katerjian, Executive Director, offered a heartfelt thank you to the excited crowd. Then, two of our graduates from Villa, Janet and Lesley, shared stories of the impact DOH Villa had made in their lives. Check out some photos of the event below and Thank You again to all the partners and donors whose extreme generosity made this Extreme Shelter Makeover a reality!

How can I help with the Extreme Shelter Makeover?


We need bedding, plants, lamps, and decor for our newly renovated spaces. Visit our Amazon Wishlist for more details:


We need handymen and handywomen who can assemble furniture (such as credenzas, desks, and cabinets) and hang decor. Volunteers will serve in one of our four transitional shelters in and around the Pasadena area. If you have questions or would like to schedule a time to serve, then please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Alli Burnison, at


It’s not too late to give a gift of $5,000 or more during this campaign. We will place a plaque over one of the shelter’s doors with either your name, a memory of a loved one, or an inspirational quote or scripture of your choosing. These plaques will serve as permanent reminders of your love and support for those on their journey home.


What is Trauma-Informed Design? Check out this 4 min video

ESM | Villa Garden

The front garden at Villa has been replanted, bringing new life to the Villa exterior.


ESM | Casa Updates

Major updates have been made at our Casa Shelter! The ratty old couches in the living room have been replaced by the warmth of brown leather seating. The cluttered kids room is now a functional space for play and learning. And the addition of a new outdoor jungle gym is bound to be a crowd pleaser for many families to come! And there are more projects currently underway at Casa.

ESM | Los Robles Prayer Room

We are beginning to see the first fruits of our vision. We completed the Prayer Room at our Los Robles location and transformed it to support trauma-informed design. As this room was unveiled to our Spiritual Director, she simply cried…

ESM | Villa Living Room

Pictured here is our Living Room at our Villa shelter. It’s not done yet, but it’s come a looooong way.

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