Door of Hope is committed to holistic, sustainable change for families facing homelessness. We do this by providing services using the principles of trauma-informed care and by using a strength-based approach, all under the healing power of God.  Our Alumni program is another critical factor for achieving success by helping ensure long-term stability. 

We measure outcomes for our families in a number of ways. During the intake process, we record the status of the family including income, savings, emotional and spiritual well-being, etc. We revisit these same criteria once families graduate from the program in order to measure the progress of each family. We also conduct a rolling survey of alumni regarding their housing status. Because we are committed to measuring the impact of our programs, alumni are invited to complete surveys voluntarily and in exchange for admittance to our carnival and Christmas festivals. As a result, we have a high response rate and very accurate data.

Lastly, we invite you to read our Hope Stories, as personal testimonies reveal other aspects of the impact that are not evident in the data.