Why you should become a Children’s Program Sponsor

The Door of Hope Children’s¬†Program focuses on every child’s emotional, social, and physical development. We are breaking the cycle of homelessness for the next generation.

We Help Local Kids

Your monthly gift directly impacts children in your community.


Proven Track Record

85% of our graduates never return to homelessness again.


We Maximize Your Gift

We are good stewards of every dollar we receive.

No Child Should Experience Homelessness

At Door of Hope, children receive the love, structure, and resources needed to build a brighter future. Education is a primary focus and all kids receive tutoring to catch up academically. We also want to provide our kids a childhood that many have never had. This comes through arts and crafts, games, and field trips to the zoo, beach, and other first time experiences.

Your $38 a month will provide:

01Educational Assistance

Daily homework assistance, one on one tutoring, and reading comprehension and literacy.

02Emotional Development

Counseling, financial training, anger management.

03Life-enriching Experiences

Field trips to the beach, zoo, museums, summer camps, local colleges, and universities.

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Say Yes! Support the Children’s Program

Your $32 monthly gift will provide hundreds of children with the love, resources, and support necessary to break the cycle of homelessness.