Christmas morning, Door of Hope families were blessed with gifts by the love and generosity of our “Secret Santas”. Above all, families got the gift of knowing they are loved by God, their Door of Hope family, and supporters like you.

One mom shared her gratitude this way: “I am almost at a loss for words. As my kids open gifts this morning I couldn’t help but cry. Not only were these quality gifts, but tailored to my kids and their likings, things I would not have been able to supply. Thank you. I can’t express enough the amount of love we feel from Door of Hope, and all the donors who make this possible. I have a very hard time shopping for myself because I’m always thinking about what little I do have, need to go to the kids. So receiving the clothes for me is amazing! Also without asking, the baby monitor was one of the main things on my list of things needed for the baby. Thank you sooooooooo much. I don’t know how I could ever repay or express thanks outside of my words, but you guys have impacted our lives in such a beautiful and fulfilling way.

I wish everyone a very Happy Holiday. I thank God daily, for aligning me with such a beautiful organization in such a dark time of my life. Y’all have made things so much easier, and stress-free. You guys are Door of more than just Hope, but Love, Care, Intent, and Focus.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”


*Stock photo used to protect the identity of the children.