We now serve 4.5 times more families today than before the Covid-19 pandemic. To sustain this expansion, we need program space in which to serve our growing clientele. At this moment, our only office space is within our shelters, and we can’t bring community clients there. So, we are thrilled to announce the November opening of our Door of Hope Community Center! Located in the heart of Pasadena, this exciting development enhances our abilities in three major areas:

The center will host case management, meeting spaces, therapy rooms, and financial and life skills classes for families at risk of losing their homes.
The center will free up much needed space in our shelters, making it possible to offer housing to at least three additional families after renovation.
The center includes increased office space for the support and follow-up of graduates from our programs.

YOUR support provides funding to keep our programs strong and attuned to the needs of our families. Thank you!