Two months ago, Janet and her family were referred to Door of Hope.

Here she found safety from her past, shelter from the streets, and hope…for the first time in a long time. She found a place they could begin their journey toward healing. With the support of her case manager, Janet has been working hard to get back on her feet again and put a plan in place for their future. She’s also preparing to give birth to her new baby in just a few weeks!

“Now I have shelter for my children and new baby. I am able to start preparing for the baby because we have a room. Before we were always in the car so we couldn’t have much. Now we can come home, we can bring the baby home!!”

When Unite Pasadena heard Janet’s story they wanted to make sure she had everything she needed for her new baby boy. And, they did! They delivered Janet’s entire wish list of baby gifts..wrapped in blue paper and bows! What an incredible surprise and blessing! Unite Pasadena — THANK YOU! Love in action is what they are all about…and we just love their action…and their hearts!