Yennifer arrived at Door of Hope with her 4 children just a few months ago after fleeing an abusive relationship. Finding safety, healing, and support gave her a huge sense of relief. But nevertheless, it’s been a challenge adjusting to a new life — taking care of her kids while trying to finish her AA degree and find a part time job, she’s also been working hard on accomplishing the goals she identified with her case manager to give herself and her kids a better life. In the few months she’s been here she’s already working through her past pain and trauma — her journey to healing is underway.

Two weeks ago on Mother’s Day, Yennifer was also celebrating her birthday. She shared how she dreaded both days. Her memories of past occasions were vivid in her mind and had left her scarred. She sobbed as she relived some of the pain associated with two occasions that should have been times that she was celebrated. But, this year was different!

Yennifer went out with her kids this past Mother’s Day to try to distract her mind and not remember a day she’s never really liked. Thanks to some very special church partners and volunteers, she returned to Door of Hope to find balloons, flowers and goodies waiting for her along with a birthday card from Door of Hope Staff.

She placed everything on the table, “I remember looking back at the table where I placed everything and was so touched that the volunteers and staff did this for me, for a minute or two I was actually happy and enjoyed a few minutes of my birthday and Mother’s Day.”

Yennifer’s story is why Door of Hope provides holistic services to every family, and, you are a part of that! Together with the family’s hard work, the case manager, and our partners, we give hope…healing…and housing!