Today, we’re celebrating all moms; strong, resilient, generous, and deserving of every celebration.  Just like the moms at Door of Hope!  Moms, like me, who have risen above the challenges of homelessness to give themselves and their kids a better life.

Providing for my children, Sean and Adam, is one of the most important things in my life, so you can imagine how I felt that I couldn’t provide the kids with their own home.  Guilt, shame, embarrassment.  I felt like I failed them as a mom.

Two years ago on Mother’s Day, we had just moved into Door of Hope.  I learned that the feelings I had did not define me as a person — or as a mom.  With hard work, therapy, parenting classes, our case manager, and your help, I learned how to be the kind of mom that God created me to be!

Today, we are celebrating Mother’s Day in our own home!  As a mom, I will never take for granted the joy of knowing I could provide my children with their own home again!  You helped make that possible.  Thank you!

Erika Johnson,
Mom to Sean and Adam
Housed since 2019