Three years ago, Jessica made the courageous decision to leave her abusive marriage in order to protect herself and her two young girls. She fled with nothing — no work experience, no job, not even a car and soon found herself and her two children homeless. However, Jessica was determined to make a new life for herself and her children. With a lot of persistence, she enrolled in community college and secured a job through school — found an apartment and even managed to save for a car. Jessica eventually graduated and was accepted to University, she was thrilled!

But then, last summer, because of the Pandemic, she lost her job. Devastated and on the verge of homelessness for a second time, Jessica found Door of Hope. She told us, “I was vulnerable, scared, alone, hopeless, and anxious. I felt like a loser — I couldn’t even provide for my kids. But I immediately got help to pay my rent and with Door of Hope case management, came up with a 3-month plan to help me save money and get back on-track. I was even able to stay in school and managed to get through my first semester with all A’s! I’m so grateful for the help, without it I don’t know where my kids and I would be.”

Families like Jessica’s are why we expanded our Homelessness Prevention Program to serve three times as many families in 2020.