Although this global pandemic has created barriers for many, it’s particularly hard for families facing homeless to remain employed without an adequate home office space. At a time when so many families like Sadie’s face the fear of reduced income and no childcare, she faced an additional challenge — working from “home” without a home.

When Sadie and her 4 children arrived at Door of Hope, she had stable employment but unstable housing. She had worked for the post office for many years. Yet, had to be temporarily laid off because she was unable to work at home.

Now a resident at Door of Hope, Sadie is diligently back on the job working remotely from the safety of home and peace of mind with her children.

More than ever she’s confident that she’ll soon have the income saved to move into their new permanent home!

You gave Sadie the gift of hope. What a gift! 

Your support is life-saving and life-changing for every child and their parent that walks through our doors. Your ongoing commitment continues to have an impact on families experiencing homelessness. Thank you for your heart. For caring. And, for showing your love in action.