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On this first weekend of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I am haunted by thoughts of what no child’s eyes should see. Sometimes it’s easy for me to forget how hard life was for the children of moms who come to Door of Hope because they are fleeing domestic violence. They smile and laugh and cause mischief and play just like your child or mine. It’s not until I see one of my own children in them, and imagine the hurt or pain they might carry deep inside, that I am shattered.

That’s what happened when I recently heard about Chris, who is about the same age as my precious son David. In the months leading up to Chris’s arrival, he began to stutter. His mother feared it was because of the stress and violence he witnessed at home, living with her abuser. Shielding her own precious boy from further hurt and pain was what gave her the courage to leave.

As I imagine the details of what may have caused Chris’s stutter, I am stunned. What no child‘s eyes should see, Chris saw. What no mothers body or emotions should bear, Chris’s mother bore. Too many mothers and children experiencing homelessness have similar stories.

It is a profound gift to walk alongside these mothers and children, and iit is a privilege to witness their courage as they fight for a better life.

This week, Chris’s mom and I celebrated with her case manager that her son has stopped stuttering. He feel safe and she is grateful.. As I imagine her pain, I am still haunted, but as I hear about her relief, I am grateful that Door of Hope is a place of healing.

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Photo credit: Michael Khachadoorian

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