When I woke up this morning, I knew today was special. My son and daughter jumped on our bed, laughing and ready to play. And while my husband and I both needed coffee before we could fully appreciate their delight, we didn’t take the moment for granted. Today was special because we were together.

At that moment, I thought about the families separated because of homelessness — families like Jen, Carlos and Roman, their 4 year-old son.

Jen, Carlos and Roman came to Door of Hope in a very difficult season. Cancer, blindness, mental health, and unemployment were battles they fought together; they had each other, and that’s what got them through each day. But when they lost their housing, shelters tried to separate them – as they so often separate dads from moms and kids.

Door of Hope was the light at the end of a very dark tunnel. One of the only shelters in LA County that can house any kind of family together, Jen, Carlos, and Roman found a home together at Door of Hope. But, they also found a new family — the Door of Hope family! Like all families, we stick together through the challenges and celebrate the wins together. So, when Brian, our facilities assistant heard Jen needed help with her wheelchair he stepped right in to help. He was prepared to give the wheelchair a little TLC — but when he saw it he knew he had to do more than fix it!

What happened next was beyond anyone’s imagination…Brian reached out to his daughter, Brianna, who is also in a wheelchair, for help. When she heard about Jen’s need she Immediately told him she had a brand new wheelchair for her, and literally within an hour, Jen was testing it out! Brianna is an angel!

But, the story doesn’t end there! Jen and Carlos are working hard to graduate from our program and move into their own home. They’re expecting a new baby in just a few weeks and are excited about the future.