Just 12 hours before Jaquelyn’s 15th birthday, her mom had no way of giving her the Quinceanera she had dreamed about since being a little girl. That’s when Marisela and Middle Creations stepped in as our birthday-angels to help! Today we’re giving them a big thank you for making this mom and daughter’s Quinceanera dream come true!

Having just graduated from Door of Hope’s program, there was not much left over for Jaquelyn’s special 15th birthday, her quinceanera. She didn’t complain or ask for a single gift (even when we asked her for a wish list!) In her time with us, Jaquelyn stood out for her quiet gratitude in all situations, always kind, always humble. Her strong faith in God was her foundation!

We don’t think anyone was expecting the surprise our birthday-angels had in store for Jaquelyn! Marisela delivered the birthday cake, cards, gifts…and an incredible custom-made balloon bouquet made by Middle Creations WOW!

Jaquelyn was completely surprised and so thankful for the birthday blessings! She looked like a princess in her new dress and absolutely glowed in front of her birthday balloons. Her Mom took about 100 pictures — they were both beaming with joy! Being there for such a special moment was a highlight for so many of us. Thank you Marisela and Middle Creations for making it all possible!