One of the things that makes Door of Hope unique is that once you’re part of our family, you are always family. Victor and his family, who graduated from Door of Hope 16 years ago, have taught us a lot about the depth of that relationship.

Just a week ago I reached out to you — the Door of Hope family — to share the sad news that our beloved alumni, Victor, tragically lost his life to Covid-19.

Victor’s life story is one of God’s grace, forgiveness, and redemption, and I couldn’t get through this weekend without updating you on the outpouring of love and support we have seen for his family.

Since last Saturday, I have witnessed 58 donors and 3 church partners (Lake Avenue Church, Unite Pasadena, and Crosspoint) give from their hearts to cover the entire burial and funeral costs for Victor’s family, along with 3 months of rental assistance for his wife and 4 sons. I am in awe.

We can’t take away their grief, but we can take away their financial burden so they grieve without the fear of losing their home. This is what you — our Door of Hope family have made possible.

One of Victor’s most important legacies was to teach his kids the meaning of family. In the words of his son:

“We were his life, “My family is my greatest accomplishment” he always said to me. In life his message was to uphold family values and keep fighting for your family no matter how tough and complicated life may get, always fight for them and love them. When family is in a time of need you get up and go to them talk to them hold them help them and love them. No matter what!”

Today, you carry on that legacy. In the words of his sister:

“We cannot thank you enough for all the love and support for our family. To know how loved Victor was and continues to be gives us so much comfort and peace in our hearts in these difficult times. You will always be a big part of this family. May God bless you all for such kind hearts and loving souls.”

One of the things I’ve discovered over the past few months is that ordinary faithfulness leads to extraordinary impact! There are so many amazing people who are willing step up to support our families. I can’t thank you enough!