Give Lena’s family a housewarming gift for their new home!

Family — it’s who we are! It’s part of what makes Door of Hope unique — once you are family — you are always family. Last night was a great reminder of this as we celebrated Lena and her family graduating from our program into their own home.

Of course, Zoom graduations are not quite the same as being in the living room…but they do have benefits! People joined from across the country to share how Lena and her family have touched their lives.

One of our favorite moments was seeing Erika and Patrick (alumni family) from their new home in Texas! Erika had watched Lena pray with her kids every morning before they left for school and was inspired to do the same thing. Through this, they formed a special bond. They are family! And, just like all families celebrate a new home, ours is no exception!