Today, I have some sad news to share, and an urgent request for your help. One of the things that makes Door of Hope unique is that once you’re part of our family, you are always family. Victor and his family, who graduated from Door of Hope 16 years ago, teach us a lot about the depth of that relationship.

Victor moved into Door of Hope 17 years ago with his wife and four kids. Victor would be the first to say he was a different person back then – in and out of prison, hardened by gangs and a difficult life. Over time at Door of Hope, that began to change. Practical things started falling into place like work, savings, and stability. But it was Victor’s heart that changed the most.

It began with a relationship with Door of Hope’s spiritual director, Ms. Almaz. For the first several months at Door of Hope, Victor was totally closed off to her offers to pray with him or spend time with his kids. But she loved him no matter what and kept offering. That helped Victor let his guard down and he began to share his pain. She pointed him to Jesus as the source of his healing. Slowly but surely, he warmed up to Jesus and ultimately, he and his family gave their lives to the Lord while living there.

Ms. Almaz recounts, “I could see tangible changes in his life as he was more peaceful and joyful during the time they stayed with us. Victor had changed into becoming a man who loved God and his family.” Victor once said of Ms. Almaz, “she showed me what love is like, what family is like. I know what God’s love is like because of Mama Almaz’s love.”

Victor and his family have lived in the same apartment since graduating 16 years ago. They are our family, and they need our help. The loss of Victor’s income, coupled with temporary unemployment for Rachel and their oldest son because they are still recovering from the impacts of COVID-19, have put them at risk. Door of Hope has stepped in to provide support in their grief and rental assistance for 3 months. Click here to read the update on how you stepped in to help Victor’s family!