Last month we celebrated Door of Hope’s High School graduates! Three young people that defied incredible odds to graduate…including homelessness. Tiana is one of those graduates — a life that has been impacted — not just at this moment, but for a lifetime.

Two years ago, Tiana boarded a plane from Chile with her two younger brothers. Her mother had come to the States three years before them during which time Tiana had been living with her older sister, co-parenting her two little brothers…at just 13 years old!

She spent her Junior year of High School bouncing around motels and shelters, all while adapting to the American education system and helping her brothers with their schooling. Then they arrived at Door of Hope! Here Tiana had a safe place to live, she excelled in school and even though the odds were stacked against her she rose above them all! She shared,more than anything I have a responsibility to be a role model for my little brothers, to show them they can do whatever they put their mind to do.”

Last month we celebrated Tiana’s family moving into their own home and her high school completion. Tiana is a shining example of how together our love and support has a tangible life-long impact. Together we change lives.

Photo credit: Michael Khachoordian,