The Lopez family is a great example of how Door of Hope equips families with the tools to succeed, while the families do the heavy lifting to secure a better future for themselves.  They came to Door of Hope in May 2017 after falling on hard times because the mother’s un-diagnosed mental health issues forced the father to take significant time off work.

Evicted from their one-bedroom home where they lived for 16 years, they bounced from hotels to their car before coming to Door of Hope.  In the first few months, dad was able to take on more hours, expanding his business as a franchise owner of a cleaning company, while knowing mom and kids were getting the care they needed.  Mom found work which allowed her to spend more time with their kids. The children excelled in school while attending Door of Hope’s after school program which they remained in for 3 months after graduating.

As the father reflect on the impact of Door of Hope’s program, “We are more responsible with our finances. We argue less and became better parents. Door of Hope has changed the way we structure our home and now we feel confident our family will succeed with faith and trust in God.”