Mayday, mayday, mayday….hope isn’t cancelled. It’s rising! We see it everyday in the lives of resilient families overcoming the challenges of homelessness even in the midst of COVID-19…

Two families have found long-term housing during this crisis, with two more moving into their own place this month.  Despite the odds, they’ve beat homelessness — just like Connie and her 3 kids!

Connie graduated from Door of Hope last year. Now, because of financial fallout from COVID-19, she faces a seemingly impossible financial challenge…to pay rent today, May 1st. There are so many more families like Connie’s. Who, just weeks ago, parents were working or job-seeking to break the cycle of homelessness, while their children were cared for in school and afterschool programs. With layoffs, reduced hours, school closures, and the Safer at Home order, their needs have skyrocketed. 

That’s why today – and throughout the month of May –  all donations will be doubled up to $150,000.  While hope is not cancelled, our May fundraiser is – at precisely the moment we need to expand our homelessness prevention program to serve more families impacted by COVID-19.  Mayday, mayday, mayday!

Today, will you be the hero these families need?  Your donation will have an immediate impact…

• You will be giving hope to formerly homeless families: Families who have graduated our program are in serious risk of losing their new housing because of reduced hours, layoffs and lack of childcare. Typically these families graduate to self-sufficiency – 97% retain employment and housing for at least 1 year – but this unprecedented crisis requires an emergency intervention. Together, we will provide up to 3 months of rental and emergency assistance for up to 25 families.

You will be keeping families at-risk of homelessness in their home: Our Homelessness Prevention Program is inundated with desperate calls for help. An additional 100 families will receive three months of rent, utility and emergency assistance, to help supplement the newly-created L.A. County Rental Assistance.

• You will be helping homeless parents and kids get through COVID-19:
Ensuring the safety of the 25 families living at Door of Hope right now is our top priority. It’s why we’ve made significant adjustments at our three transitional housing sites – from delivering case management, therapy, and life skills classes virtually, to equipping parents to homeschool their children; to preparing from a hygienic external kitchen rather than our shared communal kitchens on-site. These changes have helped us maintain vital services in a way that keeps existing clients safe and healthy.

Please make your life-saving donation today…it’s a gift that will change lives. EVERY dollar donated will be doubled!

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