My kids and I know exactly what it feels like to not have a home, so we can’t imagine anything more stressful than not having a home during the COVID-19 crisis. Just like my family 2 years ago, the families living at Door of Hope have nowhere else to go.

Today, I have the honor of working to keep these families safe, and I need your help!

Less than 48 hours ago, a generous donor stepped up with a $25,000 matching gift to cover unexpected expenses related to COVID-19. You can read more about our increased needs here.  So far, we’ve raised $15,358.91 and we need your help to max the match – there’s only 8 hours to go! Please donate now. Every dollar you give will be doubled.

Thank you!

Alumni, Frontline staff and proud mom of 4

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184,000 kids could be evicted this year. Keep a family housed!