The families living at Door of Hope have nowhere else to go. While many nonprofits have temporarily closed their doors, we can’t — not with 29 parents and 50+ children living with us, who just weeks ago were at work or in school. With these families now home, we have increased, vital needs!

Seven days ago, I reached out to ask you for help, and so many of you responded with groceries, supplies and finances that exceeded our $2,500 matching gift to combat COVID-19. It was inspiring! That’s why today, a generous donor has upped the stakes with a new $25,000 matching gift — we need your help to max the match starting now 3/28/2020 and ending on 3/30/2020

With your help:

• Our brave staff team can remain committed to working around the clock to be there for every mom, dad and child.

• Increased costs from drastically changing the way we serve food can be funded — 5 to 7 families at a time once shared a communal kitchen to prepare and eat meals, which puts them at greater risk of spreading the virus. To keep them safe, we’ve partnered with Chef Tony to prepare and deliver meals for every family with almost 100% donated food. While the cost is incredibly low, it is still $1,820/week not in our budget.

• Formerly homeless families that graduated our program and need short-term emergency and rental assistance because of reduced hours, layoffs and lack of childcare can be helped immediately.

• Families in our homelessness prevention program whose needs are skyrocketing will be provided with critical support and services.

Today, as I ask you to help keep families safe and healthy as they get back on their feet, I wanted you to hear from one of those moms — a former resident and our most recent staff member, Renee. Here she is sharing how she is paying it forward in the midst of COVID-19.