Yolanda arrived at Door of Hope in fear for her life; afraid, hopeless and homeless. She was fleeing domestic abuse and as a result was homeless with her young children. When she walked through our door, she found safety, shelter, support…and love. Recently, we celebrated Yolanda’s graduation from our transitional housing program. And, what a celebration it was! My heart was filled with joy seeing this young woman moving into her own home — she had worked so hard to make it happen. Yolanda was presented with a bag of gifts; candles, teddy bears, and a reminder that “love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres“ (1 Cor. 13:7)

It was beautiful to see Yolanda’s face, once marred with pain, beaming with joy and gratitude as she shared these words,  “I want to thank God for all the people who helped when I needed them the most…the teaching, the classes, the tools you have given us.  God has given me a new family in all of you.”

UPDATE: (Above) Pastor Gus and his wife Tania from @expression58 teach a Spanish Bible Study for moms at our domestic violence site, but that’s not their only gift! They gave Yolanda an amazing house-warming gift. On move-in day, they helped her move a few things into her sparsely furnished apartment, and then took her out to lunch. When they returned, her apartment had been furnished and decorated top to bottom by volunteers they had mobilized as a surprise! Yolanda was overwhelmed with joy and gratitude…and so are we!

Thank you for giving Yolanda and her children an opportunity to thrive and succeed in their new home. And, for helping to break the cycle of homelessness — one family at a time!

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