A Word From Megan Katerjian, Executive Director

Family — it’s what we are. It’s who we are. It’s you, me and the 25 families who are now home-bound at Door of Hope, just like many of you.  It’s times like these that we lean on each other, and we lean into a God who says “do not be afraid.”

With 3 houses full of families, including 29 parents who would normally be at work or job searching during the day, and 50+ children who would normally be in school, Door of Hope has some vital, increased needs.

Many have asked how this is impacting Door of Hope and whether we are ‘business as usual.’ Our families’ safety during this time is our top priority!  To keep them safe and limit possible exposure to someone impacted by COVID-19, we have decreased the number of staff and outside visitors coming in and out of our homes.  While our transitional housing and homelessness prevention services are still in full swing, many staff are working from home and all-volunteer groups have been postponed.  We continue to provide 24-hour support on-site, but some of our services like case management and therapy will be provided by phone, and some services like our children’s program are on hiatus to limit large-group events that would increase risk.