Six months ago, Karina and Melissa arrived at Door of Hope. Thankful for a new beginning and a second chance, Karina was purposeful in the goals that she set with her case manager for her time in the program; to get back on her feet again and financially support her family. She also mentioned another goal that she had; to give her daughter, Melissa, a memorable quinceanera celebration. What we learned was that Karina’s “abuser” had planned and arranged to throw Melissa’s quinceanera at his home. Karina would not be able to attend or be there for her daughter at this culturally-significant event. Seeing the family work so hard, and knowing how much it meant for this mother and daughter to celebrate the quinceanera together, our staff began to help Karina plan her own celebration– one that she could attend.

Together, the staff and Karina planned a beautiful Quinceanera that included Melissa’s chosen color-scheme, menu of choice, and guest list (including other DOH residents and other important mentors in the daughter’s life). The celebration was one that will always be remembered by Karina’s family and the DOH staff. After the celebration, Karina shared how much the event meant to both her and her daughter, and how grateful they were to the staff for making it so special.

Karina and Melissa had a safe place to stay and a family that came together to make a special milestone one that would always be remembered!