For years, Heather was in an abusive relationship but she was trapped.  Brought to this county as a child by immigrant parents, her immigration status was uncertain.  As an adult, she lived in fear and reluctantly remained with her abuser for security. That plight is common among undocumented domestic violence victims whose abusers often threaten to use their status against them.

Wanting a better life for her and her daughter, Heather finally found the courage to leave, but she had nowhere to turn and became homeless.  After three months of living in her car, Heather and her 7-year-old daughter found Door of Hope. Heather’s case manager connected her with legal services that helped her with her immigration status and work permit.  She was able to return to a previous job that she loves, commuting 2 hours each way to provide a better life for her daughter. Through all that, Heather’s case manager marvels at what a great mother she is, exceptionally organized, responsible, and loving.  So far, she has saved nearly $5,000, and she looks forward to finding an affordable apartment, closer to her job, and a place for her daughter to call home.

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