This summer we held our annual BBQ  and backpack giveaway for alumni families who are now thriving in their own homes. When we celebrate the success of families who have graduated 1, 5, and 10+ years ago, it’s a great reminder that your support has long-term impact!

Forty-three Door of Hope families and 46 volunteers came together for fun, food, and school supplies for their kids. We heard great stories about the life-changing impact of Door of Hope’s program. As one graduate said, who completed the program in 2008, “my life began at Door of Hope. I’m a different person today.”

Watch the video to hear from
some of our alumni!

“Door of Hope gives you those tools to be a better you for the community and for the next generation. It’s support for broken people.”

Self sufficiency is our ultimate goal for every graduating family. But sometimes, alumni need a little help to reach that. An emergency car repair, an unexpected medical expense, or a sudden rent increase are some examples of financial crises faced by our alumni this past year.

They might not break your bank or mine, but for low-income families working towards self sufficiency, they can make the difference between keeping or losing their home.

To meet that need, we just launched an Alumni Emergency Fund. Alumni can reach out in their time of crisis. Once they are back on their feet we will ask them to “pay it back by paying it forward” as a small donation to help future alumni in need.

Will you donate to help start this fund?

“It hasn’t been easy. But we have hope and we’re not alone in the world anymore. We have a support system and I can call Door of Hope and ask them to pray for us. We feel empowered. I’m very grateful.”

“We gained so much from the program… Our despair turned into hope.”

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