Happy Mother’s Day!

I am Wendi Gaines, a mother, a 2008 Door of Hope graduate, and the first alumni to serve on Door of Hope’s board.  This Mother’s Day, as I get ready to send my youngest daughter off to college, I wanted to thank you for empowering me to be a better mom.

You have not only changed my life, you have changed my kids’ lives.  

When I first came to Door of Hope, I felt like such a failure.  All the things that could go wrong in a mother’s life had gone wrong in mine.  My marriage had fallen apart.  I felt guilty for robbing my children of the chance to have a father in the home. Living in survival mode had robbed me of the chance to plan for a better future.   And worse than any of that, I could not provide a home for my kids.  I had failed them.

At Door of Hope, I learned two lessons: First, through loving staff I found freedom from condemnation.  Second, I learned that life has structure.  That lesson has changed my life – learning how to structure my time, my finances, my parenting. Today I am so much richer for the lessons I learned at Door of Hope.  I am a better mom, a better provider, a better person.

My kids are all on the right track.  My son who graduated high school last year has a full time job and more money in the bank than I do, thanks to the savings and budgeting I taught him.

My daughter will graduate high school this year to enter UC East Bay on an almost-full scholarship.

My youngest son, who has autism, will start the 11th grade next year and was recently hired by the Pasadena Unified School District to provide one-on-one support for other autistic students.  I used to not understand why parents wished their kids wouldn’t grow up so fast.  Now I understand!  But I am amazed to see their growth, and this Mother’s Day, I am an incredibly proud mom.

You have empowered me to be a better mom.  Thank you.

Wendi Gaines,
Proud Mom, Alumni, Board Member

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