Exactly a year ago, we sent out this story about recent Door of Hope graduates named Ubaldo & Jill who started their own car cash business while living at Door of Hope. Jill and Ubaldo came to us in April 2017 in a state of financial crisis. They owed a significant amount of debt to a previous landlord as well as other bills. Jill was recovering from recent heart surgery, and Ubaldo’s job as GM at a local car-wash wasn’t providing enough income, due to frequent closures because of rain.

In the course of their stay with us, they worked incredibly hard to overcome their financial situation, eventually starting their own car wash business and finding an apartment in Altadena with their two boys.

This week, Ubaldo came to Door of Hope with great news – their business has been thriving so much that they recently acquired two additional car washes!  Because of their gratitude and continued relationship with Door of Hope, they came to us first to hire two current residents as full-time employees.  Jill & Ubaldo are an amazing example of the life change that happens at Door of Hope thanks to your support!  If you ever need a ‘car wash for a cause,’ you know where to go!

Two open locations:
201 South Lake Avenue (Parking Level 3)
Open Monday – Friday

300 North Lake Avenue (Parking Level 5)
Open Tuesday – Friday

Opening May 1st:
55 South Lake Ave (Parking level 2)
Open Monday – Friday

Ubaldo Cell: 626-831-8441
201 South Lake office phone: 626-660-4159

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