Brenda, her 3 children, and her parents were living together in the comfort of their own home. In 2017 her parents moved to Arizona to retire. Shortly after, Brenda’s father became ill and passed away. Due to issues between family members, Brenda’s siblings decided to sell their house. As a result, Brenda and her 3 children were left without a home.

Brenda reached out to her local church who was able to provide her family with motel vouchers. During this time, she had severe arthritis in her back and was unable to work, save, and get back on her feet. Brenda knew her motel vouchers would soon run out and she needed another plan for her family. She heard of Door of Hope through her church and reached out. With a few days left at the motel, she received the call back from Door of Hope and her family moved in. Brenda and her children finally had a place to compose themselves, rest, start working again, and save.

Because of your support, we congratulated Brenda and her children on graduating Door of Hope! Through hard work and perseverance, they are now in permanent housing. When asked how Door of Hope has helped her family Brenda said, “This is a safe place. My own room with the door locked and I don’t have to worry. This is family”.

A new home and new life for Brenda and her kids would not be possible without your generous support, and we are grateful that you are a part of their journey!

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