Maria and her three, soon to be four, children became homeless following a separation from her husband and eventually being evicted. In October 2018 Maria and her family came to Door of Hope. When entering our program, Maria already had a secure job and continued to work hard for her family. Her children, however, were not sure what to expect in this new environment. Over a few weeks and after being connected with tutors and counseling, they became comfortable at Door of Hope and living alongside the other families. Through case management, therapy, financial literacy classes, and hard work from Maria and her children, we have seen a big difference within their family and we are excited for their new start in life.

In early February, Maria and her three children graduated from our program! After a night of celebrating their growth, accomplishments, and new home, Maria said “I just want to thank all the staff from Door of Hope for taking in me and my children in our difficult time. It was a blessing to me and my family and we are so thankful for all the support Door of Hope has given us!”

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