We shared Rachel’s story last year when she sent us a donation and letter.  But we just received another donation and note with lots of great news – we just had to share it!

When Rachel and her family first arrived at Door of Hope, she and her sisters had experienced so much abuse and trauma that they wouldn’t speak to anyone and were severely depressed. Through therapy and caring staff, she thrived at Door of Hope and eventually went on to UCSB. Just last May, she graduated with a bachelor’s in Political Science and a minor in History. She continues to support her little sisters who are in high school and involved in honors programs, college courses, and sports. Rachel is currently anticipating a job as an administrator in UCSB’s Engineering department, and her long term goal is to have a career in social service.

Rachel writes “Most importantly, I acknowledge that these successes were greatly aided by those who kindly supported my family. I only hope to contribute to the community in the very same way. A million thank you’s, Door of Hope, for being there for my girls and me.”

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