Your giving has life-time impact, and no Door of Hope graduate’s story is better proof of that than Krista who completed our program in 2015.

Krista has made a lot of progress since we shared her story last year!

When Krista first came to Door of Hope in 2014 she was recently transitioning out of a drug and alcohol recovery program and had lost custody of her two sons. At low points in her addiction, she was bouncing between the street, shelters, and the San Gabriel mountains, and she didn’t think she was going to live.

After getting sober, Krista moved into Door of Hope and regained custody of both sons. Today,  Krista is five and a half years clean and sober and is pursuing a life-long dream to become a home-owner: “because of my home, I’ve been able to work consistently and move up and go to school… It may only be another year or two where I can put a down payment on my home which has always been my dream.”

Krista has been working with a financial adviser through Door of Hope and is now in the financial position to achieve her life-long goal.  She is making plans to transition off public aid and is looking to move out of subsidized housing and buy her own home!

Krista looks forward to being a home-owner one day, but she still remembers the feeling of home at Door of Hope, “I would say Door of Hope felt more like a home than it ever felt like a shelter.”

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