We have so much to be grateful for this last Thanksgiving!  25 recently homeless families, now living at Door of Hope, celebrated Thanksgiving with gratitude for many things we take for granted: “Today, I am most grateful for not living in my car!” says one mom.
“I am most grateful for my time at Door of Hope because it saved my life….I’ve noticed so many changes through myself – my confidence, my attitude, my perception with my kids. I hold myself a different way now that I’ve come to Door of Hope.”
(Tonisha, 2015 Graduate)
“I am grateful for Door of Hope because of everything we’ve learned here, and what they’ve done for us personally.  The new job that I recently got, getting situated in our own place, the kids are happy.  This is what I’m most grateful for this Thanksgiving.”
(Evelyn, 2018 Graduate)
“I would say this felt more like a home than it ever felt like a shelter.. and that is what I’m MOST grateful for.”
(Krista, 2015 Graduate)  

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