When this family arrived at our Domestic Violence site, 2 out of the 3 daughters were so traumatized by the physical and sexual abuse they had experienced that they couldn’t speak to anyone. They were experiencing severe depression as a result of the unimaginable trauma they had endured. The after-school program staff, as well as our onsite counselor,spent countless hours working with these young girls to help them heal.

After many months had passed, thanks to the consistent love, support, and empathy they received, the barriers that the girls had put up to protect themselves started to come down, and they started to trust the staff around them. The family made a miraculous recovery over the months, graduating from Door of Hope and moving into permanent housing.

Since the family graduated, they have had continued success. The oldest daughter who would not speak to anyone when she arrived at Door of Hope, went on to graduate high school and get accepted into college. About a month ago, we received a donation with this note attached from her and her sisters. (pictured above)

This miraculous transformation is a result of your ongoing support. Families and children who have experienced immense trauma and suffering have found healing and restoration. Futures that were once bleak have been replaced by hope.

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