LA County Homeless Count

LA County’s 2018 Homeless Count numbers were released.  Because of your interest in helping us end family homelessness, we wanted to share some highlights, how Door of Hope will respond, and how you can help!

QUICK FACTS about Family Homelessness in LA County:

  • FACT: 8,220 family members are homeless in LA County, including 4,886 children and 3,334 adults.   Families make up 15% of LA County’s homeless population
  • FACT: 3,081 people are homeless because they are fleeing domestic violence.
  • FACT: While homelessness decreased 3% overall in LA County, it did not decrease for Door of Hope’s communities:  Family homelessness decreased by just 1%.  Homelessness increased by 3% in San Gabriel Valley.  Homelessness increased by 5% in San Fernando Valley.


  • FACT: More people are falling into homelessness for the fist time.  46% of the 9,322 people experiencing homelessness for the first time (up from just over 8,000 last year) said it was due to a loss of employment or other financial reasons.
  • SOLUTION: In the coming months, Door of Hope will launch a prevention program, offering case management, one-time financial assistance, financial literacy, and landlord advocacy or housing search support to families on the brink of homelessness.
  • HOW YOU CAN HELP: Part of a church? We want to partner with churches on this project! Door of Hope would provide the prevention services; churches would provide one-time financial assistance for a family ($2-3,000).  If you are interested in helping us talk to your church about this, let us know!


  • FACT: Median rent has increaed in LA County by 32%, while the median renter income has decreased by 3%.
  • SOLUTION: In addition to advocating for more affordable housing, this year Door of Hope aims to increase the earning potential of our residents through education and vocational opportunities (allowing residents to work part-time in order to go back to school) or apprenticeship programs.
  • HOW YOU CAN HELP: Reach out if you are an employer interested in offering employment or apprenticeship opportunities to our residents or alumni.DIFFERENT POPULATIONS


  • FACT: Current government-funded strategies prioritize chronically homeless people, but 90% of homeless families are first-time/temporary homeless.
  • SOLUTION: Different interventions are needed for these first-time homeless families.  Door of Hope’s transitional housing program is a high-impact, effective solution to break the cycle so families never experience homelessness again: 82% of families who complete our program remain permanently housed 5 years later.  But government agencies no longer fund transitional housing – that’s why we are losing $300,000 this year in government funds.  Door of Hope seeks to continue doing what we know works, even if that means giving up our government funding in the future.
  • HOW YOU CAN HELP: To maintain our program, Door of Hope needs to increase its individual support. You can help!



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