Support one of our alumni by getting your car detailed through his company, Lazaro Auto Detailing. Contact Ubaldo at:

Office: 626-660-4159
Ubaldo Work Cell: 626-831-8441
Jill Work Cell: 626-436-4001

and Ubaldo came to us in April 2017 in a state of financial crisis. They owed a significant amount of debt to a previous landlord as well as other bills. Jill was recovering from a recent heart surgery and Ubaldo was undocumented but courageously attempting to keep
family afloat by being a GM at a local car-wash.

Due to rain in the early parts of the year, the car-wash closed frequently and didn’t provide enough income. They finally reached a point where their hard work couldn’t pay for the rent and they became homeless. In the course of their stay with us, they worked incredibly hard with their case manager, Carrian, to overcome their financial situation. While at Door of Hope, they were able to pay their landlord, get approved for Ubaldo‘s immigration status, pay off their debts, and begin to save. They found a unit in Altadena where they were able to reunite with their two older boys.

Ubaldo took the initiative to start his own car detailing business and so far has gained a lot of success!  During their exit interview in November 2017 they said: “We are stronger than we thought.” We are proud of this family’s hard work and celebrated them with an exciting graduation night.

Ubaldo now owns and operates his own business detailing cars.  He cleans the interior and exterior with great attention to detail and special care like it’s his own vehicle.

He offers home-visits for customers convenience, it’s 100% hand wash, high-speed polish, 100% hand waxes & clay bar, leather treatment, oxidations, swirl, waterspot, scratch removal, rim cleaning, and low-speed glaze. Staff at Door of Hope can vouch from personal experience that our cars have sparkled like new after his work.

Lazaro Auto Detailing

(626) 660-4159

201 South Lake Ave Level p3 91101

Located in the parking structure underneath the corporate center in Pasadena – they also provide home visits.


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