Can You Beat Homelessness?

You have a job.  

You have a few months savings.  

You don’t have a problem with addiction.

So you could beat homelessness, right?  


That’s what Christina thought.

In 2015 Christina and her family were living in an apartment in Fontana when it suddenly burned down due to faulty wiring. Everyone made it out safely, but they lost everything. Christina still hangs on to many of her kid’s childhood memories that are so burned they’re barely recognizable. After losing her their home, Christina and her kids stayed with family members, but they eventually outstayed their welcome and had to live out of their car. They did that for 7 months. During that time, the family has split apart: she lost custody temporarily of her 2 youngest children, while her 2 oldest stayed with a relative.

Upon acceptance to Door of Hope, Christina regained custody of her kids, and she even got a job providing childcare for other families. Case managers and other Door of Hope residents will tell you she is a loving and attentive mother. although Christina came to us with many obstacles – losing her home, losing her mom, domestic violence and under-education – Christina has thrived through a lot of hard work. We just celebrated her graduation last night and wished her well as she and her kids move into their own townhouse with a Section 8 voucher.

As Christina reflected on her time at Door of Hope during graduation, “Door of Hope’s staff has done so much for us. I wish we could always come here and never leave. After our home burned down, I knew we were okay because we were still alive. Other people at Door of Hope had bigger struggles than we did and I never knew the magnitude of it till I came here. It changed the way we viewed our situation. Thank you for everything you’ve done for my family.”

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