Who We Are

Door of Hope is a Christian non-profit, based in Pasadena, serving Los Angeles County. Door of Hope is one of the only homeless providers that can shelter any kind of family together in their own private unit, including single moms, single dads, and two-parent families together with their children.

Homelessness Crisis

Los Angeles County reported 66,433 homeless individuals.
Due to the ongoing COVID environment, the homeless numbers are expected to significantly increase. While statistics and numbers can feel sterile, they represent a person and sometimes a family without a home, exposed to all the dangers of homelessness.

Our Response and Our Impact

Homelessness Prevention

Preventing eviction for families

96% Housed 1 year later

94% Increased income

31% Increased savings

Transitional Housing

Sheltering families in transition

85% Increased savings

65% Increased income

92% Improved mental health

Alumni Support

Support program graduates

97% Employed at 1 year

94% Housed at 1 year

86% Housed at 5+ years

Why Door of Hope?

The heartbreak of homelessness can’t be solved by providing a bed for the night, a hot meal and shower, or financial assistance alone. We address the root causes of homelessness with our holistic approach, while simultaneously, keeping families together. We listen to our families, give them a voice, advocate for them, and empower our families with the tools they need to succeed. Listen to testimonies from our Transitional Housing and Homelessness Prevention families, and learn how your investment can make an impact.

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