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Seek First

Seek First the Kingdom of God

This chapter of my life began with a simple, yet well-known verse from the Bible “Seek first the Kingdom of God and the rest will be added unto you” (Matthew 6:33)

It was October of 2008, I was newly jobless and absolutely plan-less and beginning to feel a bit hopeless. I had 3 children, a set of 5 year old boy/girl twins and a 3 year old son, and was a single mother and had just lost my job as a daycare director at a doggie daycare in Los Angeles due to the flailing economy. I had no idea what I was going to do next. Rent was due and there were more bills than there was money. I remember taking my last paycheck and sending in my rent check to the P.O. Box we were required to send it to and 3 days later it showing back up in my mailbox. Incredible! I cried and prayed and asked God what to do next, he led me straight to the aforementioned verse and told me to seek with all my heart. All I had was that verse to hold on to and I held on for dear life.

For a 10 months God kept me, my landlord didn’t come by or call. During that period it wasn’t easy, it was a day to day thing not knowing what I would do if he came to the door demanding the monthly $1200 rent payment that had been accumulating month after month. I had no job, no money saved and no idea what the next step was but each day I looked to Him to sustain me and He never failed. I can’t lie to you, there were many nights of worry, many nights of heart wrenching prayer and many nights of looking through my well-worn bible to find comfort. Lots of verses kept me moving forward but at the end of the day, Matthew chapter 6 kept rising to the top for me. Then one day in August of 2009, the infamous knock on the door came and a note demanding $12,000 was slipped under. I had been walking in faith this entire time and even though I didn’t know what was next I knew God was with me.

I left almost everything we owned in that Los Angeles apartment and can still remember so vividly crying and being a little scared but being even surer that God would not let me down. That is the incredible faith that God had deposited inside of me through that experience.

So, I find myself Homeless. Nowhere to go and not much help available from my family. I held to the verse. We found ourselves at Passageways in Pasadena and were vouchered to a motel in Monrovia. Though I was scared of some of the unknowns, I channeled all those tears and all those fears back into God. We ended up at the Union Rescue mission on Skid Row. A shocking and riveting experience. From there we went to Salvation Army Zahn and were able to get referred to Door of Hope and Hope Gardens. We got an interview for both in the same week. I prayed and fasted asking God to lead me where ever I was supposed to go and asked him to give me a clear sign of where I needed to be.

The first interview was with Door of Hope Glendale. I walked through the doors and the first sign was very clear, the woman interviewing me was named Tamara and she gave off the most loving vibe of anyone I had ever met! Another thing that blew my mind was Kendra; a woman I had just met a couple weeks prior to becoming homeless at my church was on staff there. To me it was like God saying I am here. I was asked if I wanted to move in and I said yes. I just knew this was where God had lead and I was so very grateful. I moved in to Door of Hope a week prior to Thanksgiving and by the following Monday I was offered a job by a social service worker I had just met. I started working at a shelter in Los Angeles as a Case Manager. It was one of the most amazing experiences I had ever had. It showed me a glimpse of how God does everything for a reason and would make all the provisions fall into perfect placement. Not only did we have a safe and beautiful place to stay in a beautiful city but I also learned very quickly that working with the homeless was a passion of mine. I did not have the experience or the education but God had definitely placed inside of me the heart to do it. It’s like he unlocked things in me I never knew where there, like the passion for this type of work. It amazed me! And if the story ended there it would be enough to leave me floored but it doesn’t….I moved out of Door of hope within 7 months and found a beautiful 3 bedroom apartment in the city of Glendale that Door of Hope helped me furnish and they also blessed me with a car to get back and forth to work in conjunction with an organization called Thoughts.com in March of 2010.

I quickly got promoted within the shelter I was working in and within 2 years moved up in 3 positions and landed in the Housing Department learning how to find Housing for the most vulnerable among us. It gave me great joy and I poured all of myself into it. This past September I was blessed beyond measure and asked to join the Door of Hope team to work as a Housing Specialist for them and I gladly accepted and have grown so much and been so blessed through it. This past week on June 1st I became the head of Door of Hope’s Rapid Re-Housing Program. I am so overjoyed when I look back upon this journey and can truly say that God has carried me through. I have grown as a woman, as a mother and as an employee simply by seeking first the things of God and learning to lean directly on Him. This is only a small chapter in a lifetime of stories that I hope gives all the Glory back to God. But all in all, I hope it encourages you to seek him first and let him add all desires to add unto you.

God Bless YOU.

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