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The program

Equipping Homeless Families to Rebuild Their Lives

Temporary Housing

Door of Hope is a temporary housing program that tackles all aspects of homelessness to provide the best chance of success. We currently have 3 locations and serve two-parent married families, single mothers, and single fathers. They typical family stays at Door of Hope for between 4 – 6 months before moving into permanent housing. While the program can vary slightly from site to site and depending on the individual needs of each family, in general each family is guided by the stages below.

  • 1


    We move the family into Door of Hope and help them get stable and catch their breath. We provide them with clean clothing, hot food, and start building a detailed case plan. Kids are enrolled in school as well as the Door of Hope Kids Program.

  • 2


    Finding a job is mandatory. We help our families with career coaching, resume building, job training, GED completion, and whatever else is necessary to help each adult find full time employment.

  • 3


    Families are trained to be good stewards of their finances and taught how to budget effectively. Savings is enforced and a detailed financial plan is put together by the family and program staff to ensure long-term success.

  • 4


    Families go through individual and group therapy, as well as a bevy of other life-skills classes including anger management, parenting, and couples counseling. Door of Hope wants to address not just the pocket book, but also the person.

  • 5


    The Door of Hope rapid-rehousing staff helps the family find affordable long-term housing. Door of Hope fully furnishes the new home through the help of donations and helps the family move in.

  • 6


    We follow up with families for a minimum of one year, including weekly/monthly check-ins and phone calls, life coaching, and other supportive services. Additionally, there are 2 annual Alumni reunions for continued engagement.

*NOTE: While Our Program is broken into stages, many of these stages run concurrently to provide the most efficient level of service to our families.

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