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Equipping Homeless Families to Rebuild Their Lives

The Kids

The Door of Hope After-School Program was introduced as an integral part of the overall program in 2007. Door of Hope recognized that to truly end the cycle of homelessness, it was essential to start with the youth and build into our young ones the foundational skills necessary to ensure they never again experience homelessness. The kids program serves children of current Door of Hope families as well as alumni.

Many of the children who enter the program lack consistent structure and academic supervision. Door of Hope’s kids program provides a level of consistency on a daily basis as well as tutoring and academic oversight to make sure our kids are caught up to the rest of their peers.

Over the years, many kid’s program graduates have become excellent students, join deans lists and honor roles, and received many educational awards and achievements. Door of Hope kids program alumni have gone on to graduate from high school and even college and completely alter the direction of their futures.

In addition to tutoring and academics, the kids program is committed to providing each child an enriching experience and a sense of normalcy while at Door of Hope. This includes a focus on a child’s emotional, social and physical well-being.

Lastly, kids are kids, and we want our children to remember this time as a happy one, even in the midst of so much struggle and hardship. We consistently provide our kids with fun experiences and field trips, including trips to amusement parks, sporting events, the beach, and so much more.

If you are interested in volunteering or interning with our Door of Hope kids program, contact Debra Williams at debra@doorofhope.us.

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