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Our History

Equipping Homeless Families to Rebuild Their Lives

Our History

Door of Hope was founded in 1985 by Steve and Iris Lazarian. Steve and Iris were members of Lake Avenue Church who had a huge heart for homelessness and spent many hours volunteering their time and resources to help those in need. In 1985, when a two-parent family became homeless, they would be split up, as there was no one equipped to serve the entire family unit. Most of the time, the father would go one way, and the mother and kid(s) would go elsewhere.

Steve and Iris saw the heartbreak families being torn apart time and time again and wanted to do something about it. While driving up Los Robles Ave in Pasadena, CA, they ran across an old dilapidated house for sale. They decided to buy it and found Door of Hope, and the rest is history.

After some major renovations, they made the house livable and Door of Hope opened its doors to homeless families in need. This site, nicknamed the “Los Robles Site” due to its location is Door of Hope’s first location and remains the central hub for the majority of Door of Hope staff and operations. In the years since, Door of Hope has gone through several expansions to meet the growing need in the Greater Los Angeles Area. In the late 90’s, a 4-unit apartment complex was added behind the Los Robles Site adding to the number of families that could be housed.

In 2009, took on its second facility designed to help single Moms who are victims of domestic violence. The location of this facility is undisclosed for the safety of the mothers and children who live there, but is able to serve 13 moms at a time and has been a place of healing and refuge for so many over the years.

Thanks to many donors and volunteers, and in partnership with Lake Avenue Church, Door of Hope was able to expand to a third site in May of 2013. The site nicknamed Hope Villa, sits on Villa Ave in Pasadena right behind Lake Avenue church and serves single mothers with children. Door of Hope has been blessed to have so many members of the community support the mission to equip homeless families to rebuild their lives. We are committed to continuing the work of providing meaningful and tangible restoration in the lives of families and children as long as a need exists.

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